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André Amaral Textile is based on fundamental principles such as quality assurance of its products, efficiency, flexibility and speed to meet deadlines.

With an experienced and dynamic team, focused on the specific needs of the client, it currently has approximately 106 employees, mainly distributed through the commercial, cutting, confection, finishing and dispatching areas.

Its mission is based on a just-in-time market concept, addressing the immediate needs of customers. The main objective is the adjustment between supply and demand, with an immediate response to the needs and demands of the market.

The company has established relationships of trust and proximity to suppliers, which enable it to guarantee and meet customer requirements.

The company is fully dedicated to Globalisation, has a product design and development structure, which allows it to work in to a system of raw materials purchase and sale of finished products, almost immediately, since it can offer the market new products with a design made just for each customer making the production of them quickly and effectively.


Produce and market textile products with superior quality, aiming at customer satisfaction, contributing to increase productivity in the sector, respecting the individual, society and the environment.

Quality - Policy

We Will Achieve Business Excellence:

Developing a differentiated and value-added service in the area of ​​Textiles

Commitment: Full Customer Satisfaction
Têxtil André Amaral, Lda., has as fundamental guiding principle the transmission to the Clients, of the trust of possessing the capacity and the organization, capable of providing in a consistent and systematic way the level of Quality required to satisfy their needs and expectations.

Quality: A Task of All TAA Employees
TAA considers its Employees to be the key factor for the Company's success. Thus, to promote its growth and valorization, encouraging its participation, that aim at the improvement of quality.

Partnership with Customers, Suppliers and Subcontractors
TAA is committed to the ability and knowledge of its employees to seek solutions that allow a mutual integration of objectives, in order to anticipate needs and even exceed expectations.

Continuous Improvement
Continuously improving our performance, using the correct planning and full use of technical and human resources, with a view to continuous improvement of its products and services, taking into account the compliance with the legislation and applicable regulations.

                                                                                                Set goals needed to deliver better results!


To be a reference company in the apparel manufacturing sector, in terms of the quality of service provided, and an active partner for sustainable development.

Social Responsability - Policy

Textile André Amaral recognizes its responsibility in generating value for the community where it is inserted and is committed to conducting its activity in an ethical, social and environmentally responsible manner, taking on commitments with the various stakeholders.

It is on the basis of this feeling that we promote an organizational climate characterized by the excellence of Social Responsibility policies, investing in professional development, in the protection of our employees, in respect for rights and equalities, in order to contribute to sustainable development at the level of the defense Social causes and the existence and promotion of ethical values ​​and principles.

In pursuing its policy of Social Responsibility, Textil André Amaral seeks to continuously improve the effectiveness of its activity, which is assumed to guarantee stakeholder satisfaction, employee involvement and motivation, and the best relationship with the environment.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all TAA employees and all their business partners, they must undertake to respect / comply with the following human rights standards:
1. Child labor
The use of child labor can not be invoked or allowed. Young workers may not be exposed to dangerous situations, admitting only their performance of hazardous work when, being over 18 years of age, they are perfectly protected and have been suitably trained.
2. Forced Labor
The use of forced labor can not be invoked or permitted, either the way to demand the work is direct, through a physical obligation, or indirectly, through threats, intimidation or other forced methods, including slavery and human trafficking. Forced labor should not be allowed under any circumstances, and if detected in any subcontractor, the TAA link with the subcontractor is withdrawn.
3. Safety, Hygiene and Health
Safety and Health services must be available to all employees, contributing to the promotion and maintenance of health and safety of employees in the workplace
4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
All workers, without exception, have the right to associate or form trade unions, associations, representations, according to their will and free choice. All workers, without exception, have the right to Collective Bargaining.
Workers' representatives should not be discriminated and should have the possibility and accessibility to carry out their duties as a representative.
5. Equality and Non-Discrimination
There can be no discrimination in recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement depending on ancestry, age, marital status, family status, genetic heritage, reduced working capacity, ethnic origin, nationality , religion, disability or chronic illness, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political or ideological convictions.
Under no circumstances should any employee be discriminated and must be guaranteed non-retaliation.
6. Harassment and Sexual Abuse
All workers should be treated with respect and dignity. No employee may be subjected to any form of harassment or physical, psychological or verbal abuse.
7. Disciplinary power
The practice of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal insult can not be invoked or admitted. Disciplinary practices must be in a verbally disciplined manner, followed in written form and subsequently with termination of the employment contract, in accordance with legal requirements.
8. Working hours
The legislation in force and the rules applicable in the sector in respect of working hours must be complied with.
9. Remuneration
Withholding of wages should not be carried out for disciplinary reasons and salary and other benefits should be clearly and regularly specified for workers. Wages and other benefits are paid in full compliance with applicable laws.

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