Certification FAIRTRADE

Since 6 of July 2018, Têxtil André Amaral have the FAIRTRADE certification.
  The international Fairtrade system (of which the Fairtrade Foundation is a part) represents the largest and most recognized fair trade system in the world.
It is a global organization that works to ensure a better deal for farmers and workers.

  Fairtrade certification means that all agents in the production chain have complied with Fairtrade standards. These standards have been established to balance the inequality of forces in trade relations by offering consumers a positive differentiation mechanism that enables them to contribute, through their purchase options, to improving the living conditions of producers, particularly in developing countries. TAA is in the process of obtaining FAIRTRADE certification.

  With this further step, the organization intends to achieve an increased confidence on the part of customers, employees, the surrounding community and society, by demonstrating the voluntary commitment with the continuous improvement of its performance in the area of ​​textiles.

Rua da Estrada, 703
4750-006 Abade de Neiva
Telefone: (+351) 253 808 930


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